Are Robot Mops Worth It? The ONLY Guide Worth Your Time

are robot mops worth it

One of the great wonders of technology is that now we can finally sit and relax on our cosy sofa while watching our favourite TV show, while there is an automated device that is capable enough to mop away all the dirt, grime and debris from the floor. Life couldn’t get any easier now you would say? If you are like me who doesn’t like to use a traditional bucket and mop stick to wipe out the floor, then this article is for you. And if you like mopping the old conventional way and enjoy it? – Then you sir are a Unicorn! This nifty new little invention of the modern century would allow you to spend time out with your friends or family, while it ensures that it would clean each and every inch of your floor when you are back home.

So the question at hand is, are these robot mops worth buying? The answer is plain simple, YES. But do keep in mind that there is indeed a hefty price tag that comes along with this product line. If your idea of a smart home is to remain inexpensive and not break banks, then please stick to the ordinary bucket and mop style for the time being till the time you can go ahead and shell out enough to pick one of these bad boys up.

Nobody that I know of likes to block their calendar or love blocking their time to scrub the dirty floors at their home. Most of us even pay to do it for us. With the rise of smart robot vacuums, it was only a matter of time when robot mops come into the picture. These devices are capable enough to check that one task from your to-do-list over a busy scheduled weekend of yours. You can even educate your children and show them how to toggle it off and off after the initial configuration on the device is completed. Although the comparison of the finesse achieved from these robot mops is not quite there yet, and can under no circumstances be compared to their long-lasting robot vacuums, but hey! Technology is evolving, and so are the perks. So it’s only a matter of time when these robot mops would be able to scrub away the toughest of stains which would otherwise at this moment in time, require a helping hand to achieve what we call as an ultra-clean floor.

So coming back to the original question! Are the robot mops worth it at the end? Or should we just wait on till their technology has improved significantly as compared to a robot vacuum?

Make no mistake about reading this answer over and over again before you hop onto the hype-train and go about spending your hard-earned money to convert your home into a smart home, just yet! These devices are very much capable of cleaning your floors and at every inch, but some of the pros and cons are listed below for the references that would help you make an informed decision.


These devices only and primary aim of creation is to help you save time by automating the mopping process. But do not mistake this for a regular mop and bucket cleanliness. These devices are yet to conquer that space where you can entirely rely on them for your mopping needs. You are better off staying with your old home school methods of mopping your floors till new advancements and more conceptualisation in this product are achieved.

A prime example for the suitability of such a product is for those parents who are full-time employed, have kids and a huge house. You can obviously then save a lot of time, by getting your hands on multiple devices such as a Robot Mop; and then spending that time saved with your loved ones. Each and every minute counts when you are a full-time professional and it all adds up at the end of the day.


It is not at all a tedious job to configure these bad boys. It’s a plainly straightforward and a simple device which can be configured both via your laptop and/or your smartphone. Once it is configured, you can then let it sit and work. It is just a matter of then setting it onto the floor where mopping is required, and eventually, it starts cleaning the surface in the timeframe configured in that particular set job.

Almost all of the high-end robot mops are self-regulating. Meaning? These devices are configured to be foolproof, and you do not need to worry about them getting stuck and tearing up your expensive clothing if by any chance it comes in the way of the mopping process. This, in my opinion, is an immaculate thing one could expect out of this once-upon-a-time tedious task. I remember, my mom used to give us a blast when our toys were not collected off the floor before her mopping phase began.

So, with the right device; you do not need to worry about your device malfunctioning or overriding other items lying on the floor.


This device is a blessing in disguise for the elderly and for those who are handicapped. This dramatically saves them the hassle to have their floors mopped and cleaned. Pair this with a robot vacuum, and voila, they too have an immaculate floor. Let this be a present to them, this Christmas; as the hands-free technology of these robot mops would help them get rid of the costly house-cleaning maid’s salaries that otherwise cost thousands of bucks a year.


With almost any gadgetry out there, the answer to this particular question is “YES”. But do keep in mind that more the options and features you require out of a gadget, the higher the product price you would end up paying. There are a couple of high-end robot helpers that are mod in such a way that they serve both as a vacuum and as a mop. These devices are capable of dumping the dust that they’ve collected during the mopping process and also find their way back into the charging pod stations on their own. Quite an ingenious invention. But these devices that are a combo of a vacuum and a mop start from anywhere between $900 to $1,000 and some even above this price range.


Most of the American houses have either a wooden or laminated flooring. Hence it is vital to know which particular model you are picking that suits your floor type. Since there are a variety of different models available for each floor type, it is easy to get confused over the fact as to which one you should buy. As with the standard rule of thumb, you can always buy a high-end model that is suitable for both the floor types; or you can be wary of what floor type you are planning to use it on and then buy it accordingly.

The next and also one of the most important factors before considering buying one of these robot mops is to make sure the total space that you are planning on using this device on. Since more space, larger the battery capacity and water reservoir tank you would require on the device. Which in result means, an added cost of a high-end model.

The battery capacity on the device dictates as to how many hours or minutes of operation you can get out of the invention. And the water tank reservoir should be sufficient for your device to carry out its tasks without the need to continuously keep on refilling it.

One final thing to consider if you are a pet owner. Most of the pets that we keep shed hairs, which end up getting sucked into the robot mop. This is a big No-No! As the robot’s system gets jammed which can then cause significant problems. You should be thankful for the technology that the latest robot mops are savvy enough to counter this issue and are well equipped with the mechanism to work around in homes with pets. These types of high-end robot mops are capable enough to pick up hairs and the stains that the pets leave behind on our beautiful floors.

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