Do Smart Home Devices Save Money? Here Are 7 That Do!

do smart home devices save money

I wouldn’t have shared my opinion and findings on this particular topic if it had not caught my attention by reading through numerous questions on Yahoo Answers, Quora and what not! In reality, the smart home concept not only lies for you to become robotic and automated, but there is a hidden benefit behind that too.

If you are concerned that implementing smart home gadgets at your home would have a massive strain on your pocket, then by the end of this topic; you are in for a surprise. I am going to take you through each step and derive out the calculations that would help you understand that smart devices at your home are not just a new zap, but you are also building your home to preserve energy and save on expensive bills in the future.

Here I list down 7 ways through which you can ensure that your smart home gadgets are going to be the best thing you can do for yourself and your pocket.


Let me get straight to the point here. If you are thinking that smart devices would come cheap, then you are slightly wrong here. I agree some devices are available in the market that does for low prices, but these are not secure and won’t last you for a long time. You are better off investing a tad bit extra and go for the devices that are built by reputable brands. At the end of the day you aim to save costs in the long run, but that gets severely hampered if you are continuously on the lookout for cheap products to automate your home and call it a smart home.

Smart devices not only recover their costs in a short period but also help you conserve energy in the longer run. You would eventually start seeing a decent cut in your bills once you have these devices set up in your home. And with the inception of smart voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa and Google’s assistant you can have a centralised controlling function that would allow you to automate and control all your smart devices in one go. This significantly provides you with the mobility and in return a considerable cost-saving benefit in the longer run. Click here If you are keen to know more about whether a smart home can be used without the availability of an active internet connection.


Smart plugs are a great thing in the smart-home world devices. These Wi-Fi-enabled smart plugs are capable of giving you complete control over all the electric appliances that are connected to it. These plugs are so brilliant that you can use your own smart-phone to toggle them off and on. So let us assume the high-risk products such as your Iron, the electric heat-plate are accidentally left on and you walk out of your home. Instead of taking the hassle of going back to your home and switching them off manually, with the use of smart-plugs you can just easily switch them off by instructing the smart-plug to cut the power.

Nowadays these plugs are capable also of monitoring, managing and measuring the power consumed and you can set and define parameters in it that would allow you to have a better understanding of how much energy has been absorbed. This in result has a great benefit on saving you hundreds if not thousand’s at the end of prolonged use.


No matter what your current standard thermostat controls, rather it be the trifecta of heating, the air-con, ventilation system, and what not; a smart thermostat is bound to save your costs if installed correctly. These smart gadgets are intelligent enough to ramp up the temperature on your heating a degree or two if you like it that way when you sleep as compared to when you are awake and moving around in your house. This ability of the smart thermostat to adjust itself automatically helps and adds up at the end of the day to result in a decent amount of bill savings and eventually the energy.

An added benefit of these smart devices is that they adapt to your routine and habits over time. Not only does this make your living more comfortable but also lets you have control over what wasteful resources go into having these things run at your home. For example, your kids might blast the air-con at its full speed manually when they are back from school. This isn’t too great on your pocket now, is it? It is best advised to have the smart thermostat in place to counter such manual functions and provide you with better and overall suitability and thus incurring less cost on your bills.


Let me break in a piece of news for my blog readers here. Lightning also translates to 15% of the world’s power consumption and 5% of the global emission. Isn’t it shocking? The best way to help our mother earth is by eliminating the use of regular CFL bulbs with smart bulbs. This can help us cut down the cost of power consumption by a whopping 75%. Having smart lights at your home not only provide you with the conventional lighting to light up space but also have an added benefit of having multiple intensities colours and fades.


Having a centralised remote power management system connected in between your electric devices and the wall outlet eliminates the anxiety and fear of leaving your hazardous equipment on when you are not at your home. You can very quickly and efficiently toggle your devices at home on and off remotely. If you are prone to forgetting your electric stove on every time, then this could be a life-saving device that you should aim for when you are planning on making your home a smart home.


This great piece of the invention is a must-have for any homeowner who is thinking about transitioning from a typical home to a smart one. These blinds help regulate the way heat from the sun hits your rooms. As soon as the designated temperature is acquired in the place, the shades turn on and cover the windows. This is fundamentally important during winters when you are required to heat your rooms in your absence using the sunlight, thus helping in reducing costs of not using excessive heating. A winner!


These smart showerheads measure your water consumption every time you take a shower. The lamps light up signifying the amount of water you have utilised during your shower. The showerhead illuminates and glows green if you have used less than three gallons of water, blue when you have used more than three to five gallons, pink if you have used five to eight gallons, and after that its all red in colour denominating you have gone up and beyond the average shower time.

You can, however, adjust these colours by the use of the app that can be easily configured using your smartphone. If you are interested in to find out which particular brand is good and tested, drop me an email using CONTACT US page, and I would be more than glad to share my version of the product with you and where you can buy it.

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