How Smart Can You Make Your Bathroom

How smart can you make your bathroom

This is a question that arises in almost everyone’s mind when they are planning on upgrading their home to a smart home. It even boggles your mind that what can one do to improve their bathroom. Obviously having smart bulbs in there or a smart thermostat that’s controlling the overall heating and cooling inside the toilet is one thing, but how can you truly live up with the pace of being able to call your traditional bathroom a  smart version of it.

Today I take you through 11 smart ways through which you can upgrade your boring old morning routine and provide your bathroom a hi-tech kind of an ambience and utility that anyone and everyone who walks into it, would leave with a big smile on their faces.

Reduce Soap Waste by Using an Automated Dispenser

Gone are the days when tattered plastic bottles and faulty pumps affixed onto the soap dispensers used to wreak havoc whenever they were demanded to be in use. In the present and the modern age, there is a shiny new device most commonly referred to as the “Automatic Soap Dispenser” that has hit the shelves of the consumer market. These devices are on its own earth-friendly and are the most hygienic way of washing your hands after using the toilet.

Automated soap dispensers use sensors to judge if your palm is right next to the device. Once it detects, it lets out a squeeze of soap onto your palm, which is sufficient enough to give you a good hand-wash.

This is by far the most inexpensive and cheapest smart gadget you can bring into your whole smart bathroom upgrade picture.

Body-Fat Calipers Are a Thing Of The Past

If you are anybody else like me, who cares about keeping track of their weight, height, body mass index and how much of a change took place over a certain period in my body, then you are strongly advised into buying a high spec body fat scale for your bathroom. You can’t go wrong with these bad boys!

This high-tech piece of gadgetry is capable to delivery pin-point accurate results with the help of Bio-impedance sensors. More benefits of these devices are

  1. Body fat calculation
  2. BMI report
  3. Muscle weight
  4. Hydration levels
  5. Bone mass
  6. Visceral fat
  7. BMR
  8. Protein
  9. Body Age
  10. And much more…

Depending on which particular make and brand you go after, you can store as much as 16 different profiles in it that would allow almost each and every member in your household to hold a dedicated profile for accurate reporting and data stipulation.

Control the Way You Take Shower Every day

You can very efficiently and effectively use your smartphone to communicate with the way you take a shower and bath every day with the help of smart shower panels. These devices can even be voice-operated if you have Google Home or Amazon Alexa at your disposal.

Just to be sure that you are choosing the right product, ensure that your shower outlet has a minimum of 1 bar in pressure as that is what is recommended to gain optimum results out of this gadget.

There is also the possibility of integrating it with IFTTT as recently most of these gadgets are IFTTT supportive.

This smart shower device is simple to install and takes seconds before you can learn and start utilising it.

Colour Therapy in Everyday Life

Colour therapy, also commonly referred to as the Chronotherapy is a way through which a human can use colour frequencies for the mental, physical and overall wellbeing. I am not a doctor, so this is the best explanation to Chromotherapy I could come up with. You might as well jump on if you are interested to know more about what Chromotherapy is.

Anyhow, with the incorporation of Chromotherapy techniques that are now embedded into the showerheads, we can not only have an excellent shower at home but also heal ourselves along the way. These showerheads come in almost 7 different colours to suit your mood and the showerheads have either a double waterfall or a rainfall mode to align with your showering mood.

What a pleasant way to start the day, isn’t it?

Do not Buy Those Traditional Speakers Anymore

Let us admit it, we are all Bruno Mars karaoke player when we are in the shower. Having an intense karaoke session in the shower can never be so more uncomplicated now with the invent of waterproof speakers. And the best part is these things come in a complete cordless, wireless mode. Thanks to the technological advancements, carrying our old stereos into the shower and letting them die a slow death with the steam and God forbid an accidental splash of water onto the speaker; is a thing of the past now.

You can seamlessly stream your playlists via Bluetooth and now even via Wi-Fi directly onto your waterproof wireless speakers. Enjoy the karaoke sessions. Be careful though, not to hurt your ears thought!

Sensor Taps are the new Faucets

These bathroom infrared sensor faucets are such a delight and a picturesque view in every bathroom they are installed into. They are touchless, simple and convenient, high quality and durable, easily installable and provide enough control to the user to adjust the water temperature as per their needs.

Why not contribute to the world and make it a better place by getting rid of leaky faucets and having these installed in their home. Not only are you going to save water and build a better future for our children, but you are also in for the most hygienic wash ever with this technology.

A Rejuvenating Spa

Tired of going back and forth your local spa? Do not want to spend that hard-earned money at a local spa treatment? Then worry no more. Just pick yourself one of those electric bathtub bubble massager mats that are capable of providing you with not only a massage in your bathtub.

Care to invest more into the product, then get a whirlpool bath with built-in Skin-Touch technology that releases micro-fine air bubbles that are bound to make your bathing experience a delight. It rejuvenates your skin cells and makes you feel fresh and relaxed after a long day.

How About a Bathroom Tv

If you are like me who is keen to watch Netflix or their favourite videos while sitting on the toilet seat, then say no more! I can very well share your pain of carrying a laptop in your bathroom every time and trying to balance it on your knees as if we are some student from ninja-gaden. There are dedicated smart-Tv that are in production now that would blend in like a mirror when not in use once installed in the bathroom space. Your optimal goal should be to pick these up with a slim-line bezel and obviously they have to be water-resistant.

Smart Seat Bidets

Just remove the existing seat and install one of those intelligent seats on.

The hose gets connected directly to the bidet seat, thus eliminating the need of having a dedicated water jet pipe for self-cleaning. This device is capable of storing sufficient water in the bidet seat itself so that you can have the liberty to be washed with either warm or cold water. To top that off, these smart bidet seats also accompany an air dryer with temperature control. So now no more soggy feelings once you buckle up.

The sensor’s built-in to the device is capable of lifting the seat when it senses a person is right next to tie and it closes slowly when the person walks away.

Smart Bathroom Mirrors

Another essential bit of any bathroom in the world is a bathroom mirror. The technologists have not let the stones unturned on this one either. You can have smart bathroom mirrors that are made to display useful information such as the weather forecast, email alerts, time, calendar, and much more. You can easily integrate this mirror with your smartphone or your smart hub station and have an enjoyable robotic experience. Some of the latest smart mirrors are accompanied with voice control features thus allowing you to lighten up the mirror in case there is no light in the bathroom.

Towel Warmers and Hand Warmers

The way the world is turning around and adapting to the smart gadgets for our home, this particular one couldn’t be left behind either. You can now install smart drawers in your bathroom that would quite efficiently warm your towels as and when you use them. This piece of equipment has replaced the old traditional way of drying towels by hanging them in our bathroom on a hook. But if you are too tired of drying your hands or your face with a warm towel available to you in one of these smart drawers, then you may very quickly buy a smart hand dryer. This high-tech, ultra-hygienic device will not only dry your hands in 12 seconds but along the way also eliminate 99.9 per cent of the germs on it.

Hope you enjoyed reading the article as much as I enjoyed writing it!

Zohaib S.

A technology enthusiast who has converted his home into a "JETSONS" edition.

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