6 Smart Home Upgrades to Help Sell Your House

6 smart home upgrades to help sell your house

In the earlier days, it was quite easy to up the price on your house by installing a third bedroom, squeezing in a Jacuzzi, renovating your basement or a large kitchen extension for extra work-space and seating. But what you didn’t know that in this modern era of Internet of Things (IoT), more and more people are looking out for ways to automate their routine tasks at home that would otherwise be monotonous to get carried out day after day. New homeowners are much interested to know what kind of smart technology (whether it is gadgetry or wiring) has been deployed during construction and after. All this is a first step toward enabling a potential buyer more intrigued in your newly built house.

In short, a smart home does add in value towards the eye of a buyer and makes your house stand out from the crowd. Products like automated blinds, heating, sprinklers definitely add a “wow factor” into your house and thus engaging the buyer to be more pleased with what they could potentially call their new home.

Let me take you through the top 6 smart home upgrades that would help you be on track to bag in that extra cash when selling your home labelled as “the smart home”.


Ever entered into a room and the lights turn on automatically? No-no, calm your nerves! That isn’t magic. Now, what about when you ring the doorbell on your bestie, and he appears right on the device’s display, but he’s away in a mall shopping with his wife? These are the prime examples of how a smart home operates and one of the many cases that are self-sufficient enough to sell for themselves.

So in short, Smart Home Automation clearly can be described as gadgets in your home that are interconnected via the internet and give you enough control to do things remotely and in a well-scripted way. This, in essence, is what Internet of Things (IoT) is referred to. We are all a part of it!

Smart home devices have been built to help you carry out your tasks diligently, and make your life easier, simpler and secure. This in result, saves you money both in short and in the longer run. How may you ask? Hope on to this article where I have elaborated further as to how smart homes help you save money. Smart home devices are such a powerful concept in the modern era that it gives you control over your complete house even if you are miles away from it. Thanks to the integration modules on these devices, almost all of these smart devices are controlled via our smartphones and laptops.


The concept behind introducing smart gadgets for us consumers is so that we can utilise them to our benefits. Not only this but it also greatly helps us get rid of the tasks that were once a repetitious drill. With a huge adoption trend on these gadgets, you may see that more and more devices are being launched into the market and are being made so very accessible that you do not need to be Warren Buffet, to afford one!

Here is a list of more common smart home upgrade devices that would help your house to stand out from the crowd and perhaps bag in that extra money!

Smart thermostats
Home Security and Surveillance Systems
Smart Smoke and Carbon dioxide Detectors
Automated Water Sprinklers and Water Leak Detectors
Smart Lights
Controllable Shades

You should not take this list as a ballpark and head out to the market to start buying these, thinking you would be able to bag a massive profit if you have these installed. These gadgets on their own are a vital part of any smart house, and any potential buyer would be glad to see these pre-installed and in the best shape.

The best part about all these gadgets mentioned above is that they all can be controlled by a single voice assistant (Artificial Intelligence) device, commonly sold in the market as Amazon Alex and Google Home. These devices are the integral bit of automation in any smart home built. Voice control without a doubt is the next big thing. It has taken the internet world by a storm and is only going to evolve further. The Amazon Alex and Google home, out of many others; are capable of adapting to your daily routine and can perform tasks that would otherwise require you to get up from your cosy sofa while watching your favourite serial on Netflix. You can significantly enhance the capabilities of these AI devices by installing apps that are commonly referred to as the “SKILLS” directly into these AI devices.

If you are keen to know which smart voice assistant best suits your smart home eco-system, then feel free to click here to find more about what smart assistants are and should you buy one?

Let us elaborate a little further on what each of these smart gadgets can do and what value do they bring into your house.


Are a wonderful piece of technology that is capable of monitoring, managing, regulating and also moderate the temperature and climate at your home. Smart thermostats are energy-efficient thus result in a decent amount of cost-saving when it comes down to your monthly utility bills. These devices are so smart that they adapt according to your behaviour and perform accordingly.

A prime example is that you let the device know what time you would be at home, and accordingly it would regulate the temperature in your home; that way when you arrive you have a cosy environment which otherwise would not be possible without the invent of this piece of technology.


Smart doorbells are not just your ordinary push-button buzzer. It is an all-in-one video conferencing and doorbell ringing device that allows you to answer your door even when you are not at home. As soon as someone presses on that doorbell, the device on its own sends a live video-feed alert to your smartphone, and no matter where you are; you can then either communicate with that person via a live video call and then allow them in or politely refuse entry.

So now the million-dollar question!



You must be wondering, how do these fun gadgets end up giving you that extra edge and benefit over a traditional house that was built in traditional ways? Read below to find out


Safety and security are the first and the foremost priority for any homeowner, irrespective of being a smart home or not being one. A recent survey conducted by ICONTORL NETWORKS concluded that almost 90% of the respondents confirmed that safety and security of their home and family is their topmost concern to purchase the smart-home technology. Therefore, if you are investing in your smart-home, keep in mind to make it suitably available with surveillance systems and other gadgets that are capable of warding off the burglars and break-ins.


As discussed above, smart thermostats greatly help you save on those massive utility bills. Similarly, this is a growing concern for all the homeowners that their utility bills are out of the roof. So if you have a smart thermostat, smart lights, smart window shades in place;  your potential buyers ought to give your house a second thought knowing that these integrations are the way forward and would allow them to be cost-efficient in the longer run. No one buys a smart-home just to live in it for a month and then hop on buying another one.


Comfort and convenience is everybody’s right. In today’s world, we all work longer shifts, long hours just so that we can provide ourselves and our families a safe and comfortable haven. With the ability of these smart home appliances and gadgets, everyone wants to ensure that they can sit and relax in their bed or sofa; and with a flick of a button turn on their lights and without moving an inch; switch on their thermostat to fire up the central heating. All in all, convenience is what drives sales when it comes down to the home and real-estate industry.

A recent report by marketing research company “MARKETS AND MARKETS” reported that almost 41 per cent of the people has adopted at least one smart appliance in their homes. Further breakdown is as of below

Connected devices 20%
Smart Thermostats 16%
Security 12%
Lighting Control 10%


Do keep in mind that smart gadgets fall in a vast spectrum in terms of pricing. There are cheaper products that promise to deliver what a standardised product of similar capacity from a high-brand would. But in all honesty, you should change your perception of technology. Technology is always a long-term investment. Yes there are a few products that can start saving you money right off the bat, but the true essence of cost-saving occurs almost always in the long run. By incorporating smart home gadgets into your own eco-system, you can very quickly gain benefits from low home insurance premiums, lower bills, and decreased maintenance costs. A statistic shows that potential home buyers are on the continuous lookout to buy those homes that are fitted with smart gadgets, have got in-built smart wiring and other products in the house that would enable them to live a safe, secure, energy-efficient and a comfortable life with their families.

Happy Smart-Home Hunting!

Zohaib S.

A technology enthusiast who has converted his home into a "JETSONS" edition.

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